Quaroutine.  A routine done while doing self-quarantine. When boredom strikes, what’s there left to do? I guess you’re looking for other ways to add in your “quaroutine list”. Here are three spices to help you savor more the positive side of this whole “new normal”.

Thrive to Know Yourself More

Now that you have all the time to yourself, have you ever considered asking one of these questions? “What makes me sad/happy/anxious/hopeful, what brings out the best in me, what crazy thoughts have I entertained during my sleepless nights, what changes have I done to myself, have I been the same me five years ago?” If you have, then you’ve been inhaling the ever famous #selflove2020, and exhaling love languages towards yourself. Receive your first pat in the back, dear one.

Dissecting into the most delicate and sensitive parts of your whole being, allows you to have a full control of yourself. Imagine being inside the control room of a recording studio full of switches. Each switch has its own role in creating a hit song that could be put up in billboard charts. A 2-month manipulation of switches is quite enough to get you through an approval nod of the music producer. But, when things don’t go as planned, you take full responsibility and be better. That’s how self-love language works; only YOU can acknowledge your weaknesses and make them your strengths. Will you let it break you or make you? Duh, let it make you! No validation needed from others, only YOU.

Now, label each switch for every emotion and actions you might go through when confronted with a situation. Being mindful of your thoughts, words, and actions is a start. I used to post on ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS about how frustrated I am with a friend or to express myself, I use someone as my venting machine. And it doesn’t solve the problem. I was only thinking of myself, that all the while talking indirectly of my friend to others just made him look the bad guy. Sometimes, too much self-love doesn’t get us anywhere. Knowing oneself doesn’t mean we belittle others either. A well-blended relationship with other human beings is still a must. And this leads us unto our next spice.

taking the afternoon’s sweet delight with a cold four-seasons flavored juice

Thrive to Live Harmoniously with Others

Being selfless isn’t a walk in the park. It takes patience, compassion and a whole amount of understanding. Since staying overtime in your social media accounts has been part of your quaroutine, have you dealt with people spreading fake news, researches, or articles? How do you show the more educated persona in you? Do you lash the soul out of them or do you educate them and give such awareness? If you’ve done the latter, then that my dear is how you #flattenthecurve of negativity virus. 

Let us teleport to your favorite supermarket. You just finished grabbing all the items listed on your paper. The worker led you to the Senior Citizen’s cashier lane, since there should be none allowed going out of their houses, so it’s just free. When it was about your turn, it was cut by a man. He basically cut through the line, which is disrespectful on your part. Now, being disrespected, you called him out and caused a scene. You won over the argument and he went back of the line. As soon as you got home, your phone blew up with messages informing your appearance on a viral video. Your actions earlier in the supermarket were caught on cam. You thought it was hilarious since they didn’t know what happened. To defend yourself, you posted your side of the story, which later on received hateful comments.

Should the events turned out better if you were considerate enough to listen to his reasons instead of being rude toward him? You see, the way you treat others sets the standards of how you are treated. We’re better off than gnarling beasts in the forest fighting over preys. Among God’s creations, we’re superiors, created quite like Him. A creation He’s proud of, as far as my belief goes. But how can we return that favor?

Kamote Club enjoying ATV ride (July, 2019)

Thrive for a Deeper Relationship with Him

Trusting Him could be difficult, especially with what’s happening now. Riots and deaths, viruses and fake news, bankruptcy and corruption, everything is just a mess. Sometimes, when I can’t sleep, I just find myself crying and asking Him, “Are You still there? Are these the signs of your coming?”, and the list goes on. I started getting throbbing headaches for days but the medicines I took are of no effect. I tried being productive, holding on to the fact that maybe moving around would ease the pain. Then, I found an Our Daily Bread book, hidden in one of my boxes full of dust. I turned to the day’s devotion and was left speechless. As if he was talking to me on that day, telling me to surrender to Him all my worries and just lie down and sleep peacefully at night (Psalm 4:8 ).

Right then and there, I realized that I was too focused on my strengths alone, forgetting that there was an unlimited power available, the bible. I was immensely disturbed by the pains I have that I failed to recognize His protection, His words. I fell short in grasping the truth that every morning is a chance to let God use me as a vessel of His love. Just like any other relationships, getting deeply invested in God is the least favor we can return.

Being intimate with ourselves, to others, and to God are the spices to savor during these difficult times. We may be socially and physically distant but not in faith of a #goodnews. puhon.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walto

I used to remember how life was easyback then.

When reciting ABC’s, 123’s, president’s names, country’s noble heroes, poems, even your own family tree could get you literally anywhere. They say when everything’s done before the age of 5, you’re a prodigy. Do it before 10, you’re gifted. Before 15, you’re talented. But why is it so hard to say something when you’ve only done these at 20? You become an ordinary person and get to be labeled as an “adult”. Funny how you regain some titles when you hit 30’s, a mother of two children, a successful businessman, a great preacher, a respected artist.

But what happens in between ordinary you and the regained self? Yes I still have so many questions waiting to become statements, so many paths waiting to be uncovered, and so many lists of things to do to tick off the bucketlist. But what gives me hope is my curiosity and eagerness to expose myself to danger, love, adventure, dreams and what life has there to offer. So? Join me as I unearth all things possible before my eyes.

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